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Secrets of the Street
by Gene G. Marcial of Business Week's "Inside Wall Street" column.
(McGraw-Hill,Inc, 1995)

It's not surprising that the media love this offbeat market maven.  Everyone from The Wall Street Journal to ABC's 20/20 to Geraldo Rivera wants to know what Arch thinks about the market and about other matters. On June 30, 1990, the market's favorite stargazer predicted that something big was going to happen somewhere in the world between August 2 and August 7 of that year.  Crawford couldn't specify exactly what this event would be, but he said: "The involvement of Mars and Pluto indicates an attempt at coercion, the use of force, and a powerful explosion. Venus opposing Saturn suggests heartlessness and cruelty."

On August 2, Iraq invaded Kuwait. The market went south.

In early January 1994 Crawford warned his readers that a “rare four-planet alignment would occur between September 18 and September 22, which would precipitate a very rapid stock market correction with perhaps international consequences.”

On September 21 the Dow fell sixty-seven points, the third largest drop of the year since the general retreat that started on March 20.

Mere coincidence? A self-fulfilling prophecy, given Crawford’s growing following? Perhaps, but the astrologer and the readers who trust his judgments have been doing quite well in recent years. And you have to say this on behalf of Crawford’s unique sort of inside information: It’s not underhanded, it’s not sneaky, and it’s not illegal. That makes it positively refreshing.


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