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Online Resources

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Chicago Board Options Exchange
New York Stock Exchange
American Stock Exchange - now MKT


Financial Sites

Yahoo Finance
Major World Indices
US Stock Market Crash Index
Cramer's opinions
Research -
Research -
Research -
Opinions -


Space Weather

Current Solar Data (from NOAA)
Solar Terrestrial Activity Report
Today's Space Weather
Weather Channel


Financial Astrology Sites

AstroEconomics - Grace Morris

Financial Cycles Weekly - Tim Bost

Spiral Calendar - Christopher Carolan - Larry Pesavento

Cycles Research - Bill Meridian

MMA Cycles - Ray Merriman

AFUND - Henry Weingarten

Whole Earth Forecaster - Larry Berg

Amanita - Manfred Zimmel

The 56 Year Cycle - David McMinn

AstroEcon - Robert Hitt



The Drudge Report



  Quintessential Market Timing by Planetary Cycles & TechnicalAnalysis Quintessential Market Timing by Planetary Cycles & TechnicalAnalysis

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