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The Encyclopedia of Technical Market Indicators
by Robert W. Colby, CMT
(McGraw-Hill, 2003)

The use of astrology and astronomical cycles applied to analysis of financial markets is complex and controversial. It is well known that W.D. Gann, a highly influential technician and trader who practiced in the first half of the 20th century, intensely applied astrology to market timing, reportedly with remarkable success. Unfortunately, Gann’s methods are not fully disclosed in his writings.

Astrological literature accumulated over the past 4000 years could fill whole libraries. It was an important academic discipline taught in major universities until just a few hundred years ago. Today astrology has fallen out of fashion on campus, but retains a wide following off campus.

Few market technicians acknowledge any attempt to incorporate astrology into their work. Some unknowable number of large money managers take an active but secret interest in the subject. Arch Crawford and Bill Meridian are the most prominent technical analysts who openly use astrology in their work.

Arch Crawford has been named “Wall Street Best Known Astrologer” by Barron’s Financial Weekly, based on his many uncanny predictions over the past 40 years. He is famous for calling the crash in '87, months in advance, and he correctly predicted bear markets in July 1990 and March 2000. Crawford also has pinpointed in advance many minor trend changing dates, such as a temporary bottom on April 4, 2001. And his forecast extended beyond market turns. In his newsletter dated September 4, 2001 just seven days before the World Trade Center was hit in New York on 9/11, Crawford specifically identified two separate Mars aspects that could lead to war and a steep drop in stock prices in days ahead.

Crawford offers a popular investment services focusing on market timing for the U.S. General Market Price Indexes as well as futures, including U.S. Treasuries, Gold, Oil, and foreign currencies. For more than two decades he has published a monthly newsletter, Crawford Perspectives. Crawford’s combination of using astronomical cycles and technical analysis to make market calls has earned him top ratings in market timing in the Hulbert and Timer Digest surveys.


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