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The Astrology of the Four Horsemen

by Elizabeth Clare Prophet
(Summit University Press, 1991)

In addition, February 1988 Capricorn conjunction followed two eclipses that were unprecedented in this century. On August 24, 1987, the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars were located between 28 degrees of Virgo and 1 degree of Leo . According to astroeconomist Arch Crawford, this was the tightest conjunction of any five planets in more than 800 years—possibly in 1200 years. Crawford used this conjunction to predict the date the stock market would reach its top. In the August 8, 1987 edition of Crawford Perspectives he wrote, “We pick the top for August 24, give or take three days. Then a horrendous crash into the eclipse of the sun." He meant the eclipse of the sun that would occur on September 22.

August 25, the day after the conjunction, the Dow Jones industrial average reached its highest point at 2722 and started down, Setting the stage for the record drops of October 1987, included the 508 point drop of October 19, Black Monday.


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