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Arch Crawford has been studying the relationships between astrology and the stock market throughout his career. Educational Tools offers insights and scientific data from a number of resources that provide more information about astrology's important connection to human events.


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Additional resource materials


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Research Studies and Charts (Coming Soon)

Astrology Glossary:
Includes commonly used astrology terms

Financial Glossary (Coming Soon)
Includes commonly used financial terms


Quantum Understanding of Astrology
An excerpt from Deepak Chopra's How to Know God: The Soul's Journey into the Mystery of Mysteries

Prediction of the future literally means examining what light has to say.
We can begin to understand how this works only by our knowledge of quantum reality, for there all light is born. Time and space are interchangeable at the quantum level. Where a particle will be and when it will be there are all bound up together. In this way energy is not separate from space-time. They form one tapestry. The astrologer goes one step further. He breaks the entire cosmos down into specific kinds of energy as they apply to human existence.


  Quintessential Market Timing by Planetary Cycles & TechnicalAnalysis Quintessential Market Timing by Planetary Cycles & TechnicalAnalysis

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