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Educational Tools

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Educational Tools offers insights and scientific data from a number of resources that provide more information about astrology's important connection to human events. Each title is linked to its article.


The Mars-Uranus Cycle in US Stock Prices by Arch C

Astro-Cycles by Arch Crawford & Larry Pesavento

in CHARTPOINT, July 2003 [PDF]

Quantum Understanding of Astrology:
An excerpt from Deepak Chopra's How to Know God: The Soul's Journey into the Mystery of Mysteries

Climate and Keplerian Planetary Dynamics

by Rhodes Fairbridge

GeoMagnetic Storms and International Stock Markets by Anna Krivelyova and Cesare Robotti for the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta (Feb. 2003) [PDF]

Solar Activity on Wheat in Medieval England

by Lev A. Pustilnik and Gregory Yom Din [PDF]

Bank of Japan Traders Include Astro-info by

Masafumi Yamamoto, BoJ Foreign Exchange Div. [Word document]

Lunar Phase and Stock Returns by Kathy Yuan, Zu Zheng and Qiaoqiao Zhu of University of Michigan [PDF]

Meditate on This in BARRON'S (October 27, 2003)





  Quintessential Market Timing by Planetary Cycles & TechnicalAnalysis Quintessential Market Timing by Planetary Cycles & TechnicalAnalysis

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