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Quantum Understanding of Astrology
An excerpt from Deepak Chopra's How to Know God: The Soul's Journey into the Mystery of Mysteries

“Prediction of the future literally means examining what light has to say. The quantum world is a place of blurry edges and uncertain outcomes. As we have seen, the things that seem so well defined in the material world turn into shadowy phantoms the deeper we go into the unmanifest domain. Time is no exception, and at a certain level of reality it hardly exists. Those of us who accept a simpler world, in which the future has only one location—later—are showing a personal preference; we are not obeying an iron law. The usefulness of time is that it keeps all the seeds of future events from sprouting all at once. Time dictates that first one thing happens and then the next, without overlap. An ability to transcend time isn't mystical; every culture has specific beliefs about this. In India, prophecy has been organized into a detailed system of astrology called Jyotish (the name is rooted in the Sanskrit word jyoti which means "light".

"Prediction of the future literally means examining what light has to say. We can begin to understand how this works only by our knowledge of quantum reality, for there all light is born. Time and space are interchangeable at the quantum level. Where a particle will be and when it will be there are all bound up together. In this way energy is not separate from space-time. They form one tapestry. The astrologer goes one step further. He breaks the entire cosmos down into specific kinds of energy as they apply to human existence.

"As these energies interact, enormously complex patterns emerge. And since each degree of change in the heavenly bodies creates a new frequency of energy, the astrologer must memorize several thousand individual patterns between any two or three planets—these arrangements are called yogas, literally the "yoking" of the stars.

"To the proponents Jyotish is a quantum science, because what is seen on the material level—the rotation of planets in their orbits—disguises a deeper scheme. In the deeper scheme, every atom and molecule is connected. By exchanging energy, each point in the universe is whispering to every other point. In this case, however, energy contains information. Imagine in a line of people passing a secret by whispering it from one person to person down the line. If each person whispered gibberish, there would be no information being passed along, only raw energy. But if there is a secret spoken, the same energy becomes meaningful. It binds the group together through shared knowledge, and this invisible bond, even when unspoken, can be powerful. Jyotish considers the universe to be secretly bound in just this way; every exchange of energy contains some clue to future events.

"The concept of information embedded in energy isn't totally alien outside astrology. To a physicist information is pervasive throughout nature. The specific frequencies that make up infrared light different from ultraviolet, or gamma rays different from radio waves, all form a kind of cosmic code. Human beings tune into this code and use it for our own purposes—it is the information embedded in energy that allows us to build electrical generators, infrared lamps, radio beacons, and so forth. Without that coded information, the universe would be a random vibration, a quantum soup of alphabet letters but no words."

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